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Hot Tip: Proactive Home Maintenance

Hot Tip: Proactive Home Maintenance

We recently fielded a call from one of our clients asking about a tree that was leaning dangerously over her home. A branch had fallen and made her wonder what recourse she might have through her policy should the tree fall in a wind storm.

We love this question and we love that this client was really thinking ahead!

When our companies conduct inspections, this is exactly the kind of scenario they're on the lookout for. Collapsing barns, rotting fences, trees close to your get the idea. Insurance companies think ahead on risks like this because it protects everyone's investments in the long run. Homeowners Insurance is built to be an "in-case-of-emergency" resource, not a home maintenance resource. Put simply, maintaining a safe home and property is your responsibility as the homeowner, and ultimately your liability.

That being said, had the branch broke off and hit this client's home, it would usually be covered - this is why an inspection will often result in a requirement to cut back your trees, or if the risk is too high, could make it hard to get that policy finalized until the situation is remedied.

Inevitably, a roof needs to be replaced over time. Inevitably, a fence will start to rot and need repair.  And inevitably, trees planted around the home will need to be cut back or even removed.  So, take care of your home and it will take care of you. And should you need it, your insurance is here to help you in your time of need. Apply for a home insurance quote with us today - - we love to hear your questions and help you through the process. And current customers can check in with us anytime at 707-526-7900 or