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Holiday-Inspired Interior Design Ideas

Holiday-Inspired Interior Design Ideas


The holidays are one of the best seasons for almost everyone, giving us a chance to feel closer to friends and family and to deck the halls with beautiful detail. Sometimes it's hard to feel like your home is jolly enough, and design changes are a must.

These are some holiday-inspired interior design ideas and what they can do to boost your home's fun seasonal flair.

Adding Fun Visual Texture Throughout

Visual texture is a part of home decor that many people forget about. You can keep your walls white if you like, but adding a difference, like a white shiplap, can elevate them so they feel more intentional.

You can go for less permanent details like fuzzy rugs and pillows or add a big fuzzy blanket to your couch to change it up. These give the eyes somewhere to rest, and the more natural texture can come across as more comfortable and welcoming for anyone who sees it.

Creating a Tree Window That Will Stun

Tree windows have been a hot idea for the last ten years, and many homeowners are quickly trying to update their home's layout so they can make it work. If you have a great window for this, consider avoiding adding lights on the inside of the window to keep the focus on your tree.

Consider decorating your tree while it's away from the window, so you can get around it and see all of the sides clearly while you work before moving the tree over to its final spot. You can avoid putting on any fragile ornaments until after it's moved if you're concerned about them shattering.

Updating Your Floors to Handle it All

Winter is rough on flooring! Although this is a larger update, it can take you a long way. In the winter, we're more likely to track in snow, ice, salt, moisture, and so much more that can severely damage our floors. Updating to a more resilient flooring will ensure you don't have to deal with the ice and snow damage and can instead focus on the more important parts of your holiday season.

Make sure to have good exterior mats for wiping feet at each door and possibly another rug or mat inside as a landing spot for boots.

Keeping Fireplaces and Candles Safe

This is the season for warmth, but candles and fireplaces can be hazardous! Get your fireplace inspected and cleaned as early into the season as possible to avoid any issues with it. The last thing you want to do is deal with smoke blowing back into your home or your fireplace functioning improperly at the last minute.

When you place candles throughout your home, make sure they have enough space around them that they won't be able to reach garlands, trees, or any kind of decor you have. The last thing you want is to accidentally start a fire.

Lighting That’s Warm and Welcoming


Your lighting should be as warm and welcoming as the rest of your home. Swap to warmer bulbs through the season, and consider getting light dimmers! These can allow you to have some light in a room without it overpowering the cozy vibes. Updating to something similar to Google Smart bulbs can also help since they can switch to whatever color or shade you want.

Clever Painting and Wallpaper Choices


How you paint or paper the interior home is going to last well beyond the holiday season, but it's a great way to boost your fun holiday details! If you don't keep your tree in a window, you can instead decide on a wall that makes more sense to you and make it a focal point. By painting this wall something a little different, you can make your tree really stand out. 

Updating with paint can make your entire home feel updated, even if it’s adding moisture-resistant paint in the bathroom or updating the backsplash in your kitchen. Think of warm and welcoming colors that will make people feel at home.

An Entrance That Feels Incredibly Welcoming

Your entrance is the first part of your home that many people interact with, so it should feel as welcoming as possible! For the winter, this means adding a nice bench to stop and take off boots or shoes from the snow and adding a cute rack to hang up coats and jackets.

Adding a cozy rug and some warm colors in either a painting or a cute wreath can make people feel comfortable before they get too far. This is also a great spot for a wall plug-in that smells like pine or some other wintery scent.

Your Home Should Feel Cozier This Season


When the weather turns colder, and you're pulled inside, you should make your home into a space that feels as warm and welcoming as possible. Consider some of these updates and make the most out of your holiday season!


Roger Marx is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on home improvement projects. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he enjoys spending time with his wife and working on backyard projects in his spare time. Roger’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in the New Year.