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Handy Renovation Projects to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Handy Renovation Projects to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Winter is one of the most extreme seasons for homeowners, bringing many possible disasters to their doorsteps if they're not careful. This is why everyone needs to take the time and winter-proof their property before the cold arrives. These are some of the best renovations every homeowner should try before winter arrives!

Add Gutter Guards

Cleaning your gutters is one of the most important and dangerous things homeowners take on every fall. Getting rid of the debris building up will ensure you don't have to deal with burgs and huge piles of ice forming on your roof, but most people aren't properly trained on how to safely use and climb ladders and can hurt themselves. 

Get gutter guards to save yourself the hassle! These allow leaves and debris to slide right over them and keep your gutters clear enough to guide water away from your property. These are one of the most important investments you can make in your home.

Repair Cracks in Concrete

Cracks in concrete are one of the most mistakenly ignored parts of any property. These cracks can lead to bigger issues down the road and will make your entire property look rough. When cracks, even small minuscule seeming ones, fill with water, and temperatures drop, that water expands and can cause bigger damages and issues.

If you don't want your driveway to be broken entirely in half within two to three years, it's vital that you take care of all the cracks soon. If you have a nearby tree whose roots you think are the problem, you may want to take this chance to look into a solution for that situation because it will only get worse over time. 

Update your Heating System

Outdated heating systems can be inefficient, costly, and unsafe. If yours is older than 15 years, has any weird smells or sounds, or doesn't heat your house quickly, it may be time to consider an update. When you update your furnace, you can cut your winter energy bill by up to 33 percent. Electrifying your home's heating system is not only cost effective, but better for the environment. There are lots of incentive programs available in California – it's well worth looking into! Between radiant floor heating systems and heat pumps, there's a great option out there for your unique home.

Get More Insulation


Insulation is your best bet for having a warm winter with low heating bills. If you don't know how much insulation you have or how well it's standing, it's a great idea to call in a professional to take a look. This can be attic insulation, polyiso exterior wall insulation, or even crawl space insulation, depending on your needs.

Not only does this awesome tool keep your home warmer during the coldest months of the year, but it also gives you a chance to stop insect life and moisture from making their way in.

Update Your Driveway

Living away from the city comes with all kinds of perks, including that you don't have to have a full driveway until you feel like building it. Unfortunately, this can lead to a frozen pond of water when dirt fills with snow and ice. This can make driving tricky and walking completely dangerous.

Instead, take the time to update your driveway. Even if you upgrade to a simple crush-and-run driveway, it’s better than the ice and water buildup you’d get otherwise.

Replace Siding

If your siding is old, cracked, warped, or showing its age: it's time to update it. Old siding isn't going to protect your home from the cold and is more likely to let in insect or animal life. Beyond these issues, old siding can also allow moisture to accumulate, which will lead to a spring full of mold, rot, and problems.

If your siding is older, and you know it's on its last legs, it's time to upgrade to something more reliable, like steel board and batten siding that will protect your home better.

Powerwash Exterior

Everyone should power wash the exterior of their home in the fall. Not only does this get rid of whatever pollen or debris stuck to your home during the spring and summer, but it also helps you get rid of any dying vines, stains, dirt, or more that's been adding up.

This allows your home to start on a fresh foot where you don't have to worry about it looking even worse once winter has worked its way through. By cleaning your exterior, driveway, and brick like this, you also get to clear anything that could hide a crack or fracture that you need to repair before winter sets in.

Your Home Should Be Ready For Anything!


Whether this is your first winter in a new home or you're getting an older home ready to weather anything, you should take your time to do these updates! Not only will your home last better, but you'll feel warmer in it!


Roger Marx is a freelance writer that loves sharing his knowledge and expertise on home improvement projects. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he enjoys spending time with his wife and working on backyard projects in his spare time. Roger’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.