Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Workplace

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Workplace

Spring is just around the corner, and after this incredibly wet winter, we are sure ready for the new season to begin! Spring is a time for renewal and cleanliness, not only at home, but at work, too! Here are some ideas to help you spring clean your workspace:

  1. Disinfect surfaces. How many people have sneezed or coughed at your desk these past few months? Time to get to wiping with some disinfectant cleanser! Don’t forget your keyboard, mouse, and computer screen (although you may need to use computer-specific products for these areas.)

  2. Organize your workspace. Clutter happens, we know. So take a moment to look at the things you have at your desk and ask yourself how often you need those items. Paring down the stuff you keep on your desk, and making sure everything has a rightful place will make it easier to find what you need quickly, and will make you a more efficient worker.

  3. Confront your paper piles. As much as we try to be paperless, paper tends to accumulate in daunting piles on our desks. Take a minute to go through those random bits of mail and miscellaneous documents, recycle what is unneeded and tackle whatever needs to be done with the rest. You’ll thank yourself later.

  4. Clean up the kitchen or breakroom. In our office, we rotate “kitchen police” duties, so one person is in charge of making sure that no food is left on the counter, and that nothing gets left in the fridge over the weekend, but even if you have a system like ours in place, it’s a good idea to take some extra time to deep clean the shared fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and counter tops.

  5. Get rid of digital clutter. Go through your inbox and sort through messages that need to be dealt with or deleted. Take a look at what is littering your desktop, make sure your folders are logically organized, and reevaluate if necessary.