Prepare a Disaster Response Kit

Prepare a Disaster Response Kit

Is your business prepared for a disaster? As a precaution to protect your business from the financial consequences of a disaster, you may have purchased small business insurance. California businesses should also take the precaution of preparing a disaster response kit to help to take care of people after a disaster until emergency services arrive.

To prepare a first aid kit:

  • Purchase a NOAA weather radio to receive local weather broadcasts. This radio can be a lifesaver in case of disaster, by providing warnings about severe weather hazards and other events that you should prepare for.

  • Install a fire extinguisher and working smoke detectors. Check the fire extinguisher pressure indicator monthly, test the smoke detectors annually and keep spare batteries for the smoke detectors on hand.  

  • Prepare a first aid kit with a first aid manual, scissors, tweezers, bandages and gauze pads, first aid ointment, antibacterial wipes and other items you feel are essential.

Employees should store a week’s supply of prescription and over-the-counter medication at their workspace together with spare walking aids, hearing aid batteries, glasses or contact lenses and solution if appropriate; along with any other personal items they may need.

Emergency kits should be checked every six months, and any expired or outdated items replaced. As a practical complement to the disaster protection provided by small business insurance, California businesses should prepare a disaster kit to care for personnel while waiting for emergency help to arrive after a disaster.