Top 3 Commonly Denied Claims

Top 3 Commonly Denied Claims

It’s not often that we have to tell someone that their claim has been denied, but there are some reoccurring situations that result in denied claims.  Educate yourself about these commonly denied claims to prevent an unpleasant surprise!

  1. Leaky roofs: Homeowners policies generally exclude maintenance and wear and tear, and only cover sudden and accidental damage. Things that occur over a long period of time, like leaking roofs, are generally not covered.

  2. Wet or dry rot: Rot is usually an indicator of a long term problem that is not covered in the average homeowner’s policy.

  3. Leaky windows: This one can be trickier, because it depends on the cause of a leak. If your window is leaking because a tree fell and broke the glass, that may be covered, but if it’s leaking because of something like improper or worn sealing, then the claim may be denied.

Avoid these problems by having routine inspections of your roofs, pipes, and windows