Preparing your collector car for Springtime

Preparing your collector car for Springtime

Sure, winter is an important time to ensure your collector car is stowed away safely and protected from weather hazards. Meanwhile, spring means you can start to pull that sweet little car out and start getting it ready for some sunny spring car rides.

First, here are some things to consider:

  • To keep the gas in your tank from breaking down, adding a fuel stabilizer is a good idea. This should prevent you from needing to replace the fuel filter, clean the injectors and carburetor, and replace contaminated gas.

  • A battery tender is a way to keep your battery fully charged during periods of storage, but is also useful to keep during driving season.

  • Changing the oil is important, but moisture may have condensed in the cold engine, so be sure to start the car up and let it heat to it’s operating temperature beforehand.

  • Sometimes we "look the other way" when assessing seatbelt safety on collector cars. The seatbelt safety is just as important on each and every car. Test out your seatbelts to ensure there's no disintegration or nibbles from your mouse buddies.

  • Take a careful look at the car’s hoses, belts, tires, and filters for dry rot, lube the front suspension, and top off your fluids.

  • Did you make any changes to your car insurance before winterizing it? Make sure your California car insurance is up to date before hitting the road!

Just a few more spring showers up ahead before a bout of clear weather. Get your favorite car ready for a beautiful drive up the coast!